How To Talk To Girls At A Party

How To Talk To Girls At A Party

Parties are a great opportunity to be a social butterfly and make new relationships with people that you don't know. However, if you tend to get nervous when you're in social situations, going up to talk to a girl can be hard. Luckily, if you look and feel confident, work on your conversation skills, and make a good first impression, you can build up your confidence and talk to any girl that you want to.

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Introducing Yourself

Scan the room and assess the people there. Before you walk up to a random girl, it's a good idea to scan the room and figure out what's going on. Look at the people at the

party and figure out who came together. Find girls that look bored or have no one to talk to and consider talking to those girls first.[1]

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Make eye contact. Once you've found the girl that you want to start a conversation with, make eye contact before approaching the…

Home Remedy To Cure Cough

Home Remedy To Cure Cough

Making Herbal Honey Cough Drops

Make a strong herbal tea. There are several suggestions for herbal medicines that are effective at treating coughs and colds. [18]
Elderberry and elderflower has been used to relieve congestion. [19]
Slippery elm has been traditionally used by Native Americans to treat coughs and gastrointestinal conditions.[20]
Chamomile may be an effective treatment for coughs as it can help to reduce inflammation and mucus production.[21]

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To make a strong tea, place a generous pinch of each herb into a cup of water in a saucepan.
Heat the water and herbs to a simmer on high heat, then cover and reduce the heat.
Let the tea steep for 15 to 20 minutes over the lowest heat.
Strain out the herbs and reserve 1/2 cup of the tea for the cough drops.

Prepare sugar molds. You can make DIY molds rather than using candy molds to make cough drops using sugar and a baking sheet.[22]
In a 9 x 13 pan or any cookie sheet, a…